Tuesday, June 10, 2008


flowers are amazing things.
while watching a t.v. special on the origin of flowers
I learned that marijuana is the closest genetic match to the strawberry plant.
i love strawberries!
well, that explains that.

from my yard last week in Olympia, Washington

I'm Talking to you, bitch...

come on now...
"get off my sidewalk"

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not A Boy Named Sue

This is Lynn.

Lynn's been riding motorcycles since he was a little pup. These days he's riding a black '51 Harley panhead.
He delights in confounding people with the dichotomy between his appearance and his intellect. I once counted how many times he used the word "fuck" in the telling of a story - 45 variants of "fuck" in 5 minutes time. If you point it out to him, he can stop... just like that.

A neanderthal-looking, Harley-riding intellectual. Just one letter away from being a boy named "Lynne".